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Collect coins to buy power up springs and magnets to maximize your score. Apple & Onion Beats Battle is a tap rhythm game where you have dance competitions against other members of the community. Pacrat is a Pac-Man inspired game where you help a rat collect cheese while avoiding the pesky cats.

  • For a sous vide–style cooked egg, immerse an egg in water that is maintained at 145°F / 62.7°C for one hour.
  • This is one of the only food blogs that focuses on being user-friendly, as most of them are made according to the owner’s design taste.
  • Mushrooms and the yeast used in baking are kinds of fungi.
  • We love his four-ingredient gnocchi tutorial, his guide to cooking consistently juicy chicken breast and holy crap, does his focaccia look off the charts.
  • And since everyone has to eat, why not take a break from binge-watching old episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy” and tune into one of Netflix’s best cooking or food shows.
  • The trick for these low-collagen types of meats is to keep your liquids at a gentle simmer, around 160°F / 71°C, and minimize the time that the meat spends in the liquid.

There are those who enjoy cooking and don’t want necessarily a faster method, but a more efficient one with better results is always welcome. However, it’s the personalization that consumers are looking for today. “Simplicity is key when creating Food & Cooking food content for TikTok,” says MacKenzie Smith, creator of Grilled Cheese Social. While some at-home chefs are compelled to take on a complex cooking challenge, Smith says an approachable recipe is key to connecting with a larger audience.

As you progress through the game you invest in expanding your product range, offering a wider collection of items for sale from various machines. Use the thought bubbles near customer heads to see what they want and use the status meter on each to ensure you serve the customers before their patience runs out. Don’t forget to collect payments customers leave to get credit for each order. Burger Shop is a restaurant simulation game where you serve customers hamburgers or cheeseburgers which precisely match their orders. Start off each order with a tray then build the requested ingredients from their thought bubble in the correct order starting from the bottom up. After you have completed their order tap on the tray to deliver it, then pick up their payments.

With this requirement in mind for program planning, key stakeholders were selected to direct the project. Provided youth-centred, hands-on food literacy education that highlighted general nutrition, food safety, selection, preparation, and cooking skills. Agriculture fieldtrips showcased seasonal Ontario-grown food commodities which enhanced the participants’ learning about locally grown foods. Local chef facilitators targeted, coordinated, and implemented activities within each cooking and fieldtrip session relevant to the needs and desires of the youth. Effort was taken to build upon existing skills each week in order to improve skills while empowering the youth by building upon their food-related self-esteem and self-efficacy. Baseline skills were measured using a previously developed and piloted pencil-and-paper administered pre-test cooking skills assessment questionnaire .

You can come home to delicious-smelling meals everyday if you use a crock pot! This subreddit is filled with slow cooker recipes — soups, stews, roasts, and more. Have a question about what you can cook in a slow cooker?

Best of all, it’s a show that’s truly designed to appeal to a young audience, which automatically sets it apart from most other cooking and food shows around. Even if you’re not usually a documentary-lover, the storytelling in “Chef’s Table” just might make you a believer, like it has so many other viewers. In fact, on IMDb, the more than 13,000 ratings give “Chef’s Table” an impressive 8.6 stars. If you’re not a proficient baker , don’t worry, you’re not alone. “Nailed It!” is the show that makes amateur bakers feel better about their own lacking skills.


The philosopher, Barry C Smith, chooses his best books on taste and the journalist and sommelier, Bianca Bosker, her best books on the senses. David Lebovitz chooses his best books on desserts and the science writer, Gary Taubes, chooses his best books on dieting. Louise Gray looks at eating meat and Stephen Raichlen, who has written eight books on the subject, looks at Barbecues and grills. This great recipe blog is truly made for the love of cooking, and the high quality recipes, images, and design of the site clearly show that.

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Well-tested interesting recipes, food science, techniques, equipment, and even food histories. Also has a highly-rated podcast hosted by founder Ed Levine. If you’re looking for something exotic and challenging to prepare or a dish that’s easier to master, be sure to visit the popular recipes section. Advice on how to clean effectively in the kitchen and prevent harmful bacteria from spreading onto food.