Business Marketing

Definition of Sales

Sales has an understanding as a sales activity for goods or services that the seller does to potential customers. Sales can also have an understanding as parties who carry out sales activities for goods or services from the company to customers.

So what is sales enablement In a company ?, sales are carried out by a team consisting of several people. Often the division of the sales team (sales) is divided into several categories, namely based on the domicile of the sales area, target customers, and the products or services they sell. So that sales can be done optimally.

Someone who does sales activities is often referred to as a salesperson. The job of a salesperson is to offer products or services from the company to potential customers. Because sales are an important component of the company, this activity is often referred to as a determinant of the success of the company. If sales activities are not optimal, it can result in poor company performance.

Difference between Sales and Marketing

These two terms have different meanings even though they are related. By definition, sales is the activity of selling goods or services from the company with the aim of increasing the company’s income. Meanwhile, marketing or marketing activities are a series of activities for strategic planning in order to increase sales of products or services from the company.

When reviewing the work process, the salesperson and his team will deal directly with consumers, such as by telephone, social media, or other liaison media. Meanwhile, marketing plays an important role behind the sales team. The marketing team will look for effective ways to promote or marketing in order to increase sales of the company’s products.

Then when reviewing through the objectives, the salesperson and his team have a goal so that they can do sales optimally so as to achieve the company’s product sales target. Meanwhile, marketing aims to maintain the image of the product as well as the company through a series of activities they carry out.

The Purpose of Sales

The salesperson and his team must have good communication skills. This is because the sales team acts as a medium for offering the company’s products to potential customers. Later, the outreach group will utilize a few techniques with the goal that potential clients are interested in buying their items.

In addition to being a medium in product offerings to customers, salespeople must also have the ability to assist potential customers in providing their needs through their products. In sales activities, the sales team must be able to convince potential customers that the products purchased are in accordance with what they need.

Variety of Terms in Sales

There are various terms that you need to know in sales activities. The following is a variety of terms in sales along with an explanation of each term:

  • Salesperson

The term salesperson has an understanding as someone who carries out sales activities for products or services from the company to customers. A salesperson must have good skills in product knowledge and in the process of selling goods. This ability is a determining factor for the success of sales by him.

  • Prospect

The term prospect in this case refers to how the salesperson and his team can use various strategies or techniques in order to contact potential customers to sell products. Later this strategy or technique will be the driving force to the next stage, namely the agreement.

  • Companies certainly need effective prospect management so that companies can save time and effort. HashMicro’s CRM-leads system can help companies gain complete visibility in managing leads.
  • deal

Is a process of approval of product transactions between sellers and buyers. In this case, the sales team gets the authority to draft a deal plan. Of course, by adjusting to the conditions and needs of the buyer.

To easily monitor the sales progress of the salesperson, companies can use a CRM tool. The use of this tool allows users to properly monitor meetings, follow up with clients, and various changes in the sales process.

  • Sales Pipeline

The sales pipeline can describe the entire series of ongoing sales activities. Through this, the sales team can find out what stages they have to go through or have completed in the sales process to customers.

  • Sales Plan

Is a picture that contains the strategy and goals achieved by the salesperson and his team in the long term. This planning usually includes several aspects such as market conditions to the target customer to be targeted u.

Variety of Jobs in Sales

The following are some of the specializations in sales along with an explanation of each specialization:

  • Executive level management

This executive level management position has the responsibility to be able to set achievement targets in the long term regarding the sales goals of the company’s products. Not only setting targets, executive level management must be able to make good marketing plans in order to support the running of the sales process. It is very important for this position to have proficient knowledge in sales.

  • Account executive

This position has a bigger number of liabilities than a sales manager position, even though the two have something in common. Account executives are here to build relationships between companies and customers. This relationship will be useful for creating a positive image among the public. Account executives must have extensive product knowledge.

  • Sales Administration

As a sales administrative, they must be able to support the sales team in administrative aspects. In this case, one of the administrations referred to is preparing an offer letter or quotation. Sometimes, this position in a company becomes a liaison between sales and marketing.

  • Sales management

Sales management has the authority to be the leader of the sales team in a company. Notjust leading the sales team, but sales management must have the ability to analyze the sales that occur. This specialization requires them to be able to build good relationships with customers.

  • Sales representative

This position has the main task of selling the company’s products or services to potential customers. As a sales representative, there are several skills that must be possessed, such as good ability to serve customers and good communication skills. Unlike other positions, sales representatives are not required to have product knowledge in the sales process.