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The way other individuals work, communicate, negotiate, arrive at choices, eat and drink, socialise and make associates in different nations, are sometimes very completely different from these with which we are familiar. Even if our stay is brief, our actions and their reactions, and vice-versa may lead to delicate embarrassment to either or both events.

We could also be touching after we shouldn’t be touching. Even what could seem to us a typical gesture, such as nodding our head in affirmation or shaking our head to indicate a negative response, may be misinterpreted in different international locations. We could also be offering items to speak pleasure however is perceived by the recipient to be linked with sorrow.

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While is neither straightforward and possibly not practical to learn the language of every country one may visit, never-the-less it’s always possible to study to say “thank you” in other languages. The capability just to say “thank you” will at all times stand one in good stead. Experienced travellers suggest that factors leading to any successful cross-cultural relationship are tolerance, flexibility and co-operation.

For tourists and college students to assist them to better understand the customs and lifestyle of individuals in international nations. There are nonetheless many people who assume that their good home-bred manners might be universally understood.

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An imagine of a hippo in water shows that solely a part of its skull, its eyes, ears and nostril are visible, while most of its physique is submerged. These exchanges indicated that though there’s a wealth of published data, it isn’t typically obtainable in a helpful, simple to learn format and this led me to write down a book on this subject.

It can even lead to failure of a mission, and to misplaced business and even cancelled contracts. Some time ago a University invited me to give an after-dinner speech which was to deal, in a light-hearted method, with the sort of pitfalls executives might encounter when visiting a overseas nation.


In West Africa persons are not conscious of icebergs. If one needs for example that a very small a part of something is visible and the main half invisible one has to make use of a detailed by and acquainted idea, in this case – a hippopotamus.