By rendi

Business Progress Strategy Consulting

“Strategic drift” is a gradual change that happens so subtly that it is not noticed until it is too late. The level the place a new pattern is initiated known as a “strategic inflection point” by Andy Grove. Examples include online auction websites, internet courting services, and internet guide sellers. In many industries, the web has dramatically altered the competitive landscape. Services that was supplied within one entity (e.g., a automotive dealership offering financing and pricing information) at the moment are supplied by third parties.

  • Having a nicely thought-out strategy to deal with these opportunities is as essential as ever.
  • A strategy contains your organization’s objectives and goals, the kind of products/services that you just plan to build, the purchasers who you need to sell to and the markets that you just serve to make profits.
  • In spite of being nearly similar, product and services may be differentiated with the